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LIFE WORKING a revolutionary new way for global organisatons to connect with genius female talent!


Suzy Greaves

Founder of The Big Leap Coaching Company


Suzy Greaves is one of the UK’s leading life coaches named as a ‘top ten guru to change your life around’ by The Daily Mail. Suzy is founder of The Big Leap Coaching Company.

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Global Organisations

Is your organisation serious about gender equality?

Genviva was set-up to drive positive action and support the delivery of female talent into your business.

Practical LIFE WORKING models that help drive internal development and attract an external talent pipeline over the next 2 - 5 years. Women are good for business and the economy and make up half the global workforce yet in 2011 only make up:-

  • 13% of FTSE 100 directors in the UK
  • Less than 3% Fortune 500 CEO's in the US
  • 11.7% of board members in Europe

Radical change is needed are you ready shape today's world for tomorrow's women? Read more...

Genius Female Talent

Do you aspire to being a CEO, a Board member or a future Leader in the next 2 – 5 years?

Genviva can help you take your genius to global organisations.

This is how...

  • By planning ahead and under standing your LIFE choices first
  • By creating a LIFE WORKING model that brings your LIFE choices together with your career
  • By repacking and remarketing you in an engaging way to global organisations

Radical change is needed in getting women onto the shortlists and into the world's top jobs. Be part of our A-List and global organisations will come and find you! Read more...